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And BREAK the tobacco habit! Say goodbye to traditional cigarettes and say hello to electronic cigarettes - a less harmful and less expensive alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

With the use of e-liquids, e-cigarettes produce a rich vapor instead of the smelly and offensive smoke from tobacco cigarettes. No more smelling like an ashtray!

Now you can enjoy "vaping" instead of smoking… just about anywhere! And with a wide variety of pleasant flavors and customizable accessories to enhance your experience!

Why Switch to Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes have been around for years but have recently become more popular as many cigarette smokers switch to this modern smoking device.

Not only is there a substantial cost savings to the smoker versus traditional cigarettes, there are the health benefits of not inhaling the thousands of harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

For years smokers have smoked tobacco to satisfy their nicotine craving. It's a well known fact that nicotine is addictive, but it's the delivery system that is most devastating to a smoker's health. Getting the nicotine without the hazardous smoke and additives is an enormous health advantage for cigarette smokers (the nicotine cartridges or e-liquids come in various strengths which the users can decrease if they wish).

The challenge with smokers trying to quit is not only the nicotine addiction, but the habits that go along with smoking. This is where nicotine patches, gum, and pills fall short and why so many smokers end up going right back to smoking traditional cigarettes. With electronic cigarettes such as Duo Pro and eGo Starter Kits, the smoker now has an alternative product that offers some, if not all, of the "social amenities" of the real thing; holding the cigarette, taking a drag, seeing a plume of "smoke." This satisfies the smoker both physically and mentally.

An electronic cigarette is a fairly simple device to use.

This cigarette-mimicking device consists of a rechargeable battery, an atomizer and a cartridge (clearomizer). When a smoker inhales on an electronic cigarette they get a dose of the nicotine they crave based on the level in the cartridge. In fact, an electronic cigarette smoker can even use a zero nicotine cartridge or e-liquid just to satisfy the habitual routines associated with smoking.

The simulated smoke from an electronic cigarette is not actually from the combustion of burning tobacco or paper.

It is a vaporized mist of nicotine and flavoring which quickly evaporates without the smoke smell or the offensive secondhand smoke. There are no lighters, matches or ashtrays needed. Because there is no real smoke, e-cigarettes such as Duo Pro and eGo are accepted for use most everywhere. Even many employers prefer them because their employees are no longer sneaking outside to take smoke breaks. Instead, employees are able to stay at their desks and be productive without offending anyone with secondhand smoke. No more cleaning up cigarette butts. Plus your car, hair and clothes won't stink!

If you live in a state that forced cigarette manufactures to use "Fire Safe" cigarette paper then you probably have noticed the change in cigarette taste. The added chemicals that make the cigarette go out after a short period of time taste terrible. Electronic cigarettes don't need those added chemicals because nothing is being burned. You can take a drag on an electronic cigarette and immediately put it in your pocket or purse without any danger of burning anything.

Millions of smokers around the world are now using electronic cigarette products.

Cigarette smoking remains the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States. Any acceptable alternative should be considered by addicted smokers and we thank you for visiting our website.

If you are ready to experience a new way to smoke, please view the various electronic cigarette products we offer. We offer some of the best electronic cigarette starter kits, accessories, and e-liquid available based on quality, price and features. If you smoke traditional cigarettes then it's time to consider the cost savings and benefits of switching to an electronic cigarette.